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DES ARK // SISSTERS are playing live for you at IVI

presented by MISSY MAGAZINE



Des Ark
(Durham, North Carolina, USA)

“Des Ark has recruited an overwhelmingly devoted army of fans with their stripped down, take no prisoners live performances, and unique take on punk rock song writing. Des Ark delivers the intimidating sexual energy of PJ Harvey, the power of Shellac, and the song writing ability of Blonde Redhead. Des Ark is not a background music kind of band. Des Ark is a “Holy shit! This is crushingly sexy, intense, and intelligent!” kind of band.”


Schlagzeug, Gitarre und Gesang. Minimiert und Glücklich.
Eine Leichtigkeit strahlt die Musik der Berliner SISSTERS jedoch nicht unbedingt aus. Hier klingt es eher fragil und emotional. Zugleich jedoch brachial und wütend. SISSTERS spielen mit den Gegensätzen. Mal leise, mal laut. Mal melodisch, mal schräg. Am Ende kochen sie auch nur mit roten Fäden.
Im Surf Sound gebettete Rock Allüren verfangen sich bestimmt in irgendeinem Post- Genre Gewand. Irgendwie Grunge. Im Herzen Punk!
Glücklich zumindest in der Wahl der Besetzung. Nach jahrelanger Suche der idealen Instumentierung und eines angemessenen Ausdrucks scheinen SISSTERS nun an einem neuen Anfang geführt. Sie stolpern, aber glücklicherweise in die richtige Richtung.

feel cordially invited to our fav in march.



Post #6


a workshop with Rasmus Persson, Hendrik Schaede and Benjamin Bascom


Feed (personal) field sounds into a synchronised chain of DIY synths, sequencers, interfaces... which will be built during the week // House nu-robotic-analogue mechanics in old machines, build contact microphones, field record, control and connect sensor interfaces (midi/ cv) // integrate effects and filters // and perform in self-constructed (self-performing?) electro - orchestra // then take home a self-built analogue sound source.

Workshop max. 10 attendants, so please sign up on the blackboard in Dürer from Monday the 9th of JanuaryIt is possible to receive a Schein.

18th - 24th of January 

Daimlerstrasse 32


Post #7

Where Field and Built Sound Synthesise 

a lecture by John Levack Drever (Goldsmiths Sound Dept. London)

Students please contact us for sound studio visits or wait for an official announcement.

7 pm
Friday the 20th of January 

Daimlerstrasse 32


Post #5


a listening group with Christian Schröder

introducing pioneering ladies like
Marianne Amacher
Bebe Barron
Michèle Bokanowski
Pauline Oliveros
Daphne Oram
Else Marie Pade

14th of January 7pm

Dürerstraße 10


Future dates:

20th of January // "Where field and built sound synthesize" // John Levack Drever -- Durerstrasse

14th of January // "Electronic Lady Composers" // Christian Schröder -- Under the Pear Tree

18th - 24th of January // WORKSHOP  "Techno +!" // Benjamin Bascom, Hendrik Schaede, Wolfgang Winter and Rasmus Persson -- project space Daimlerstrasse

Next Semester

More listening groups to be announced soon!


15th of December // Daimlerstraße 32 // 9pm

synthed-up psychadelic post-prog -- Ben Butler & Mousepad


personal cosmic vibrations -- Heatsick


live-geräusch minimalism -- DJ Zink Tonsur

Heatsick (Cocktail d´Amore, Pan Rec)

The sound of Heatsick comes from Steven Warwick of drone act Birds of Delay. Birds include Luke Younger and have toured the USA with Emeralds, opened for Sonic Youth and have several releases on various CDR and cassette labels including Alcoholic Narcolepsy, Warwick's own. 
Heatsick uses various instruments including voice, keyboard and percussion to create saturated washes of tone, floating and disintegrating entropic loops, while also using deliberately broken continuity as a playful, live conceptual gesture.
The project is focused on repetition as a means of creating abstraction, improvising with organic variations of a theme, yet embracing the artificial to facilitate a psychedelic mindshift. The music references a palette of sources from Musique Concrete and Psychedelia, through to the early Chicago House mix tapes, creating a unique and compelling sound.

Ben Butler and Mousepad (LOAF rec)

Ben Butler & Mousepad is Joe Howe, currently based in Glasgow, Scotland. He has produced weird, complex, synth-led music under a bunch of aliases, including GAY AGAINST YOU and GERMLIN. The last few years have seen Joe producing an album for MOMUS, working on an Opera in Berlin about WENDY CARLOS and rocking festivals, residencies and clubs through Europe, as well as remixing BLACK DEVIL DISCO CLUB, DEERHOOF, FULGEANCE, KLAXONS and THE CHAP (amongst others). 
As Ben Butler & Mousepad, he plays solo or in duo with Bastian Hagedorn on drums, under a proper prog-rock/ skwee influence which doesn’t forget fun.
Magma vs. Goblin on a Cosmic Sci Fi Dancefloor.
They’ve just toured the US with Deerhoof and have played alongside MSTRKRFT, Max Tundra, Mahjonng, Errors, Lucky Dragons and at festivals including Novafest (NO), OFF Festival (PO), Pictoplasma (DE), Sonic City (BE), Cimatics Festival (BE). Solo festival shows include Glasgow International Art festival (UK), Glasgow Film Festival (UK), Glade (UK), TDK Cross Central (UK), OYE (NO), Futuresonic (UK), Numusic (NO),ZXZW (BE).


friday 18.11. daimlerstr.32 ffm 21h don vito/4cuteanimalsoudnsdj boris becker

1x freejazzy noisegrind
1xcute out of tune klangholz pop
1x titanic rnb mit dj boris becker

don vito from leipzig should be extraordinarily famous by now but germans don´t get it. its a truly musical trio on bass guitar and drums changing between 17/5 and 7/8 rythms. 20minutes extase.
cpt trunk members!

4 cute animal sounds preset Tim on the keyboard, and he & his boys&girls produce a creepy-pop show"(kinder rnb) with klanghölzer, tambourine and chorus.
(for those in the know: ex-"hobby" from kassel/giessen !)

dj boris becker, amsterdam
your finest selecta of juke'n'puke will play some doomed, no-skill, fucked & screwed hip hop and r'n'b (Celine Dion, R Kelly).


8th of November
8 pm -- Prosecco!!

//// Screening -- Michael Snow's WVLNGT (Wavelength For Those Who Dont Have Time)
& Jean Claude Risset

//// Live Show Band --  EmmanuelMarius5000

Lichthalle // Städelschule